sweet potato chips

Add some colour to your next roast with these sweet potato chips. Yum!

eat colourful

FOOST promotes an “Eat Colourful” message, inspiring Australians to include more colourful fruit and vegetables in meals and snacks. If Australians could do one thing to be healthier, nutritionally, it would be to eat more fruit and vegetables! We believe food should be enjoyed, not restricted. Cooking should be achievable, not complicated. Vegetables should be…..

smoothie bikes

Looking for a simple, quirky and quick way to engage staff? Check out our Fender Blender Smoothie bikes! Great as part of staff wellness programs, to increase brand awareness and at trade displays.  

interactive cooking

Tired of sessions that are death by powerpoint? Foost interactive cooking and nutrition sessions will energise, education, empower and feed your workplace! Sessions are fully interactive and people feel supported to participate. We’re had proficient home cooks to people who have never chopped anything have fun and help prepare lunch or snack for their co-workers……

workplace wellness

Foost’s workplace wellness programs A workplace wellness program is an easy way for your business to support the health of employees. Strong evidence shows that workplace health promotion programs can influence workers’ diets. Promoting a healthier workplace = GOOD BUSINESS Foost runs tailored cooking and nutrition programs at workplaces, usually during lunchtime. No kitchen required!…..


‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ Benjamin Franklin The best way to learn is through hands on experience whilst having fun! All sessions designed by dietitian and mum of four, Kate Wengier, so you can be sure it’s healthy. But sessions are much more than cooking,…..

professional development

Want to help kids shine through improved nutrition and developing food literary? We know that dietary habits track, so if we can inspire healthier eating through play based learning in early education, we are setting kids up for life. Foost runs sessions to inspire educators to incorporate ‘Eat Colourful’ messages into their current programs. Sessions…..

parent education

Interactive sessions are run at your school or kinder for your parents. All sessions include tips, easy recipes and food tastings. These 60-90 minute workshops will inspire and empower your parents to create healthier homes and lunchboxes. Sessions discuss eating behaviors and combating fussy eating. Most popular sessions:  Raising adventurous and colourful eaters (Fuss free family eating…..


Foost helps your community Eat Colourful by offing fundraising on our Eat Colourful range of products. From kids knives to meal planners and plates, your community receives a discount on all of our products. 40% of all sales goes to your school, kinder or group. Please download our fundraising flyer for a full list of…..

smoothie bike

Pedal powered fun at your next event or festival! Suitable for 6 to adult!      


Engaging activity for your community. Entertainment with a difference! Support your community with fresh kids’ activities. Engaged Kids. Grateful Parents. Impressed Shoppers. Cooking classes and Smoothie Bikes make great activities at your next event or festival! We’ve cooked with over 15, 000 kids. Suitable for kids 5-12 and sessions include: Senses games and healthy tips Kids…..

shopping centres

Foost can partner with your shopping centre to create fresh experiences for your community of shoppers. We’ve worked with shopping centres, large and small, to create family friendly entertainment. Sessions are tailored to your needs. And as our sessions promote healthy food, there are great PR opportunities for the local paper. We buy all ingredients…..

school holidays

Foost runs kids cooking classes and pedal your own smoothies in our Fender Blender smoothie bikes as part of school holiday program. Sessions run from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Kids learn about nutrition and ingredients, challenge their senses with ingredients games and individually prepare a dish or two to take home or eat at…..

don’t be rude to food

In our house we have a rule – be nice to food. Be polite to sweet potato, courteous to carrots and there’s no need to badmouth broccoli.

colourful soup

A quick, tasty and veggie filled soup. Perfect for making in bulk and freezing!

fruit rainbow kebabs

Taste the rainbow!

Fruit kebabs are great to make with the kids. Perfect for birthday parties or for a snack or dessert. Remember to make them nice and colourful.

muesli cookies

These cookies are a hit in the lunch box! And with only 6 ingredients!
Plus, a great way to use up any overripe bananas

chocolate balls

These balls are so easy to make and make the perfect sweet treat or lunch box snack.

how to inspire kids to eat their veggies

Got a fussy eater? Try the division of responsibility to create calm at your table.

I tried meal kits from a few companies and here is what I thought

I love cooking, but to be honest on busy, stressful weeks I sometimes wish there was someone else to take care of the planning and shopping. Are ingredients boxes the answer?

play with your food

Kids are often told not to play with their food. I say let them play with their food.
Guest Blog by Clare Mathieson

let them go hungry

Remember that we are not just trying to get our kids to eat today, we are raising adults and teaching kids how to eat.

pear and sticky date muffins

The perfect sweet treat without any added sugar. Great for lunchboxes, picnics, a snack or even dessert.

chicken and veggie soup

A hearty soup for a cold evening. Make a big batch and keep some in the freezer.

colourful pizza

A great colourful recipe with only two ingredients in the base!

bread sushi

A great way to shake up school or kindergarten lunchboxes. So many colourful fillings to choose from.

sausage rolls

Made with colours and without pastry!

beetroot tzatziki with salad on a stick

It’s time to get colourful and creative with this twist on a classic tzatziki. Makes for a great afternoon snack.

shape pancakes

A fun fruity party treat that kids love to make and eat! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the shapes that you can make so get in the kitchen and get creative.

veggie scrolls

A colourful makeover of a party favourite this is a tasty way to pack some vegetables into your party snacks!

fruit pet

A fun and creative way to enjoy a variety of tasty fruit and veg. While also developing your kids knife skills.

watermelon on a stick

This simple party snack is so quick to make and is a real crowd pleaser with kids, especially on a hot summers day!

rainbow fruit salad

Get the kids in the kitchen and they can learn to eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods!

buckwheat salad with roast veg & persian feta

This is an amazing and colourful salad that goes great as a side and is also filling enough to make a main meal

edible veggie garden

It’s time to get colourful and creative making your own edible veggie garden with this fantastic tzatziki dip and your favourite veggies.

coleslaw with a twist

A fabulous variation of the classic, switching up the dressing for something naturally flavoursome.

diaries of meal planning mums

Four working mums gave me the lowdown on why and how to meal plan.

robot crackers

Make a quick and colourful snack using our super easy tzatziki recipe. Perfect for after school.

no stress, no fuss….just deconstruct!

Getting kids to learn to like different foods can be tough! You lovingly make a meal and they won’t even touch it. Well try adding some deconstructed or sharing meals into your week and see what happens.

haloumi and sweet potato salad

Crispy, salty halloumi contrasts beautifully against velety sweet potato in this stunningly presented salad. Perfect for your next BBQ or get together with friends.

japanese pancakes (okonomiyaki)

A traditional Japanese dish which is easy to replicate in your own kitchen.

breakfast smoothie

Simple delicious way to start your day with so many variations to choose from. Pair it with another breakfast recipe.

veggie gratin

Spice up your vegetables with this easy cheesy topping. Kids can help chose what goes in as that way, they’ll be more likely to eat it!

colourful breakfast pizza

Fun, healthy and great for little helping hands! Great weekend morning meal.

bircher muesli

A simple, overnight recipe for a quick breakfast when you’re on the go to fuel you up for your busy day ahead.

super easy apple and date balls

2 ingredients, 2 minutes. Great lunch box addition to help keep those hunger pangs away

one pan eggs and home-made tomato sauce

This tasty meal is a family favourite and only requires one pan to wash up too!


Always wanted to make your favourite takeaway at home? Now you can! This recipe is fully customisible so you can include everyone’s favourite fillings

carrot cake muesli

A delicious twist to a breakfast favourite. Quick and easy can even be made the night before and left in fridge overnight!!

pad thai

Amazing veggie filled noodle dish with lots of yummy Asian flavours. Great with tofu!

tofu burgers

Make these for next Meat Free Monday, we guarantee you won’t miss the meat in this tasty number!

butter chicken

A family favourite that only requires one pan. Fantastic dish full of flavour, so many vegetable combinations to choose from.

homemade tortillas

These are easier to make than you think!

san choy bow

Delicious fresh Asian inspired meal. Beautifully flavoured chicken mince served in crisp lettuce leaves and eaten with your hands.

cook once, eat for a week

We’re all busy. Let us help you out with these recipes that can be made so many different ways!

my family meal plan

I usually plan out my meals for the week, but for a while I stopped. I found not planning my meals made me more stressed and that I didn’t eat as well. Now I really see the value in meal planning.

the silly season

Does all the food around during the festive season stress you out? Enjoy our tips on mindful eating during the festive season.

roasted maple pumpkin

Who can go past golden roasted pumpkin. Test it out for yourself with our 3 ingredient recipe.

rice pudding

Don’t know what to do with all your left over rice? This recipe allows you to waste less and enjoy your leftovers in a fresh way.

anything sauce

So many veggies, so many uses! Click to find out just how versatile this recipe is!

“kate, how would you change this recipe?”

Are you a recipe follower or recipe changer? I am a notorious recipe modifier. Im always looking for ways that I can make a recipe healthier.

lunchbox – easy as 1,2,3 + go (to work or school)

If you’re looking for a really simple guide to pack a healthy lunchbox – the kind your kids will actually want to eat – then try this easy “3,2,1-go” method. It goes something like this…

Kate’s tips to create happy family mealtimes

6 steps to take you from dread to joy….

three ingredient choc chip muesli bars

Super simple and super delicious, with only three ingredients. My kids love it when I pop one of these in their lunchboxes.

how to get your kids to eat their greens

A quirky, slight cheeky but fun blog about teaching kids to learn to love food, even veggies

one thing to do for healthier family meal times

If you were going to make one change, just one, to create a healthier family – what should it be? What is the best thing to combat fussy eating and create children who are more adventurous eaters?

zucchini chips

This is an absolute favourite for 3/4 of my kids. Next time you are doing a roast, give this a try!

Courtney’s baby beets salad

A salad with some delicious and different flavours. If you haven’t tried Brussel sprouts in a while…give this recipe a try!

banana bread

Ripe bananas in the fruit bowl? Then give this recipe a try! I have spent years perfecting my banana bread recipe and now it’s finally ready to share.

chia jam

A ‘healthier’ jam with just 4 ingredients and can be prepared in under 5 minutes (using a food processor)

foil fish

This is a great recipe for one or for a whole dinner party. Quick and easy to prepare and looks impressive!

breakfast omelette

Fantastic breakfast or dinner option, full of delicious colourful veggies. Quick, easy and simple food.


Make gnocchi from scratch!! Simply add your favourite sauce or try our tomato based one.

one pot gnocchi

Amazing tomato based gnocchi sauce recipe. So many delicious flavours, try it with our homemade gnocchi.

carrot cake

Delicious carrot cake, perfect for afternoon tea or dessert. This recipe can also be made into cupcakes for lunchboxes.

real superfoods

Magazines and news stories are brimming with tips promising this and that: Top foods for being happy; Top foods for reducing cholesterol; Top foods for slowing aging; Top foods for mental agility; Top foods to lose weight ETC So here is our “top 5” list of foods for everything!

colourful eating in five simple steps…

When it comes to colourful eating I think there are two main tips to remember: planning and not leaving eating veggies untill the end of the day. Read our five simple steps to eating colourfully.

anything salad

Need salad inspiration? Well design your own anything salad with this list of great ingredients and dressing ideas.

warm pear salad

Kate’s absolute favourite salad! Something a little bit sophisticated yet so easy to make.

thai rice and salmon cakes with yoghurt sauce

For something a little different try these salmon rice balls with a tangy yoghurt dipping sauce. Great for using up leftover rice.

so simple salmon

Just four ingredients and you can have dinner on the table in no time! Just add salad or stir-fry! Serves one or the whole family.

coconut fish curry

A Thai-inspired curry that is quick and easy to make and still restaurant quality!

ABCD balls

A great bite-sized afternoon snack when you’re on the go.

charlie’s pasta

Love when I head to a friend’s house for dinner and I not only get served a yummy meal but can share her recipe invention. Her 2 and 4 year old gobbled it up too.

10 cookies with just three ingredients

I love simple cooking and I also love reducing food wastage. These cookies are simple, easy and they use up all those sad looking bananas in the fruit bowl.

easy peasy tuna pasta bake

Mix a few cans together and some left over veg, top with some breadcrumbs and cheese and BOOM you’ve got yourself a meal!

pomegranate, cheese, carrot and greens salad

A salad with fresh flavours and lots of crunch! Warning: pomegranates are a little annoying to deseed 🙂

Jessica’s simple bread quiche

Delicious, simple and colourful bread quiche. Great for picnics or something different for lunch!

homemade ricotta

Whole (full cream) milk, lemons, salt and cheese cloth; all you need to make ricotta cheese! And it is so quick and easy!!! Only takes about 30 minutes.

david’s microwave apple

3 ingredients, 5 minutes. A simple and easy dessert that our kids love!

miso eggplant

Quick and incredible easy to make veggie side. Perfect mix of sweet and salty. Great accompaniment to Asian inspired meals.

veggie and ricotta lasagne

Delicious veggie filled lasagne, try as many different veggie combinations as you like! Great with our homemade ricotta recipe.

baked fish and chips with rainbow salad

Great DIY takeaway with lots of colourful veggies. A new take on an old favourite, sure to be a hit with the kids!

roast pumpkin salad

You’ll never believe how delicious this recipe is, with just so few ingredients! Take it to your next BBQ and impress everyone.


These amazing crumpelets are a cross between a crumpet and a pikelet. What a great alternative to toast. Try them with our chia jam.

asparagus with crumbs

When asparagus is cheap and in season. Give this delicious recipe a try!

tumeric chicken

Simple and delicious. My kids love it too! Anyone can make this and in just over 25 minutes. Add some roast veggies and you’ve go yourself a one pan dinner.

kiddify your favourite meals so you can enjoy them as a family!

Have you stopped cooking your favourite meals because you don’t think the kids will eat them? Or cook kids an alternate meal? Follow these three tips to get everyone enjoying the same meal.

how much should I snack?

Should we be snacking and on what? Here are some of our top snacking tips.

quiche boats

Easy and fun mini quiche! A simple recipe to add vegetables to your meal and the kids will love them. Enjoy at any time of the day.

quesadilla with bean dip and corn

A fun lunch or light dinner with a tasty bean dip.

roasted chickpeas

A fun and mourish snack.

grinch on a stick

A fun and colourful holiday activity.

colourful hamburgers

What a delicious DIY takeaway with lots of colourful veggies. A new take on an old favourite, sure to be a hit with the whole family!

you can make friends with salad

Being a dietitian with a Simpson loving (“You don’t make friends with saa-lad…you don’t make friends with saa-lad”), fussy eating husband, I am often taunted with this song. And you know what… I couldn’t disagree more.
And here’s why…

mean green apple salad

A crunchy, fresh and sweet salad the whole family will enjoy!

mexican wraps

This fantastic colourful mexican style wrap is a no mess way to enjoy that nachos flavour. So many bright colourful filling combinations to choose from.

mind full to mindful

When did things get so complicated? It’s just food. It’s time for a brain dump and social media cleanse. Let go of the marketing hype and confusing, conflicting and negative food thoughts.
Let’s venture from mind full to mindful…

mac and cheese

It’s taken me years…but finally my mac and cheese (and veggie) recipe is ready to be shared!

strawnana ice-cream

Simple and delicious two ingredient ice-cream that takes 30 seconds to make. Perfect for a hot day or to serve with dessert!

christmas tree platter

Need to bring a dish? This is a fun one and will add some colour to the table.

festive waldolf salad

A festive spin on a classic salad

grated baked latkes

A grate recipe traditionally made with potatoes, you can use any veggies in this recipe.

water…just add colour

Here are some colourful tips for making delicious flavoured. Great for the festive season, birthday parties and for keeping you hydrated this summer!

fresh strawberry salad

A fresh salad that is delicious as part of dinner or dessert!

being thankful

A tradition I want to start with my family to support family mealtimes, mindful eating and a moment of peace in busy lives.

Irene’s grain salad

A nutty, grainy salad with delicious tart berries and sweet honey- one of my favourite recipes. Great for entertaining.

hummus dip

A delicious dip great for serving with veggies as a colourful snack!

tzatziki dip

A light dip great for serving with veggies, home made pita chips or grainy crackers!

caesar salad

My kids love this salad. A great combination of flavours and textures.

summer salad

This simple and delicious salad is filled with different colours, flavours and textures.

cheesy popcorn

Super simple homemade cheesy popcorn – made in 2 minutes in the microwave,

honey carrots

Maybe make double of this recipe! Even people who are still learning to like carrots, will love this one!

gado gado

This is a great deconstructed dish. Quick and easy sauce to make to do with just about anything! A fun dinner.

fruit flower

A fun activity and a delicious snack in one!

dinner crepe

A tasty, filling crepe that’s great anytime of day. Try it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


A quick, easy and fun recipe (and just a little bit messy)

chicken nuggets

We love these fun chicken nuggets- great for dinner with some colourful veggies

Noelle’s plum cake

Use fresh or tinned fruit in this yummy recipe (thanks to my mum for this recipe, she often makes it with my little ones)

i love you eggs

Lovely for mother’s day, father’s day, valentines day or just to say I love you

blueberry buzz smoothie

For a great snack or breakfast, simply blend following ingredients together for one minute to make a delicious smoothie

make your own muesli

A versatile muesli you can make up in the morning or make in a big batch to have in your pantry

watermelon pizza

We love this fun and delicious snack

mango tango smoothie

Our favourite mango tango smoothie- a great snack or breakfast

teaching food: putting ourselves in little shoes

Did you know that in order to make mealtimes more peaceful and enjoyable, to help your child try and eventually accept new foods, you need to step away from the table. Food education begins away from the table.

easy roasted cauli

So simple and delicious- it will be gobbled up before you know it!

porcupines with veggie noodles

Pack a veggie punch in your next ‘spaghetti’ and meatballs!

how to eat a traffic light everyday

Bringing it back to basics with this helpful blog about colourful eating

chicks in nest

We love making these cute chicks in nest. Great for kids parties!

dessert sushi

Ever made a dessert sushi? Try this- what a fun recipe!

teriyaki beef

Quick, simple, delicious dinner with items you probably have in the cupboard! Make it with chicken, salmon, beef or tofu. And use up any veggies in the fridge.

veggie flower bouquet

Make a beautiful veggie flower bouquet and enjoy with some Tzatziki dip. So much fun!

fruit caterpillar

What a great hungry little caterpillar- we love making this favourite childrens character

raw apple cookies

An easy and delicious snack

an age appropriate guide to cooking with kids

I’m looking forward to the time when my kids can cook me dinner but in the meantime, it’s cooking together for us.

koala crackers and echidna snacks

A fun snack that kids can make themselves!

pot sticker dumplings

Making these tasty dumplings with your kids is a lot of fun!

chicken and corn soup

This soup inspired by a good friend is a colourful twist to the family favourite

3 minute mindful eating exercise

Love chocolate or a glass of wine? Try this 3 minute mindful eating exercise so you can have your cake and enjoy it more!

design your own parfait

A DIY recipe perfect for breakfast lunch or dessert

the essential veg: snacking edition

Our top 5 veggies for snacking on or in salads, as they are colourful, full of flavour and super easy.

berrylicious smoothie

Blend the delicious ingredients for a quick snack

tropicana smoothie

Forever summer with this awesome tropical smoothie

asian inspired crunchy salad

Fresh flavours with an Asian twist. That lovely combination of sweet, salty, sour with a bit of crunch. Yum!

dessert spring rolls

We love to make these fun dessert spring rolls with the kids.

creamy colourful sauce

A creamy veggie filled sauce that can be used on pasta, a topping for baked potatoes or on rice.

zucchini parma

Try this delicious and easy favourite with a zucchini twist

green and gold fruit salad with ANZAC crumble

This recipe makes a great snack, yummy dessert or try it for breakfast

crunchy coconut and apricot muesli bars

It’s taken me years to work it out, but here is a crunchy muesli bar. Actually it is super crunchy! Great as a bar or break it apart and use as granola on fruit and yoghurt.

the essential veg : fresh edition

Our top 5 veggies for cooking, as they are colourful, full of flavour and super easy.

the essential veg : canned edition

Our top 5 canned veggies, as they are colourful, great to have on hand and super easy.

the essential veg: freezer edition

Our top 5 veggies to have in the freezer, as they are colourful, super handy and taste fantastic.

food and mood

Did you know that diet can improve your concentration, memory, mood and energy levels?

twisty potatoes

Such a fun and delicious side to your dinner!

c​aitlin’s russian beetroot salad

This delicious and colourful salad will be the star of dinner

greek salad with a twist

Try this super-fresh and colourful salad

black forest smoothie

Try our black forest smoothie for a different chocolate hit

choc-nana smoothie

Love chocolate? Try this fantastic chocolaty yet healthy smoothie

leftover veg soup

Want to save money, be organised and waste less veggies? Try this warming soup

stuffed mushrooms

Did you know if you put mushrooms into the sunlight for an hour (before you cook them) it increases their Vitamin D. So pop them on your kitchen window sill while prepping dinner

hot banana and berry porridge

A yummy dish for a cold morning


More work and dishes than your average meal but my family loves it. Absolutely delicious

monster roll

A fun snack that kids can make themselves!

monster dip

A family favourite to have with veggies or grainy crackers

apple salsa

Try this stewed apple salsa on your roast meat

traffic light fruit salad crumble

This recipe makes a great snack, fantastic dessert or try it for breakfast.

banana snowmen

A fun recipe perfect for winter or Christmas

mindful eating for kids

Mindfulness is the buzz at the moment. But what exactly is it? And is it useful for eating?

monster smoothie

A fun smoothie to try with our monster sandwich

mellow mango smoothie

Dreaming of summer? Enjoy this smoothie

strawberry delight smoothie

A great dairy free snack!

foodie adventures for kids!

Our favourite foodie adventures to enjoy with your family

fennel and veggie soup

Pack a punch of extra flavour and give this fennel and vegetable combination a try. Great in winter when fennel is in season.

warmed pears

We love these warmed pears served on porridge on a cold winter’s day

waste less

Hot off the heals of the ABC series War on Waste- let’s chat food sustainability.

tex mex salad

We love this colourful and fun recipe. Its a great one for using up different ingredients and making it your own recipe.

ladybird crackers

We love these fun and festive ladybird snacks

sour cream and berry muffins

Have extra sour cream and want a delicious snack? Make these!

baked blueberry cheesecake

Delicious easy dessert! Great for kids birthday parties. So quick to make.

how to be a role model in your workplace

The key to inspiring others is to ENGAGE them (without judging, preaching or pressuring).

haloumi zucchini and corn fritters

Haloumi cheese in your fritters? YUM!!! Enjoy as snacks or a light dinner

language swaps for happy mealtimes

Language swaps for happy, stress free mealtimes and to raise adventurous and colourful eaters

chicken drumsticks

Thanks to my amazing grandfather for this simple and delicious recipe

winter salads

Who says salads are just for Summer? Here is a delicious collection of warm salads using lovely winter ingredients like pears and citrus.

edible bracelet

Get your kids to play with their food and make some edible jewelry. Can make a great snack on school holidays or for the lunchbox.

BBQ corn

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that taste the best! Fresh or canned, this recipe is simply yum! (And as I always have canned corn in the cupboard, it’s a great side when I am short on fresh)

just food

Food is morally neutral, shouldn’t make us feel bad or guilty. Food should be enjoyed!

rhubarb and apple tart (ugly but tasty)

Veggies for dessert with simple, three ingredient tart!

Kathryn’s apricot chicken

One of Kathryn’s favourite meals she likes to make for family. Great savoury alternative for dried and fresh fruit.

mouse egg

I have to be honest, I don’t have delicate fingers and patience for a lot of food art for lunch (awesome to those people who do) but these are quick and easy to make and my kids love them.

roasted brussels sprouts and carrots

If you are still learning to like Brussel sprouts then this is my fave recipe to gain some Brussel sprout fans

spinach, ricotta and more triangles

This is one great way to use up leftover veg or have a meat free dinner alternative.

what’s in season spring

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom and it’s getting warmer. Spring is here! But what is in season in Spring?

salad people

An easy craft activity with the end product being a snack. This is a great one to try out with your kids over school holidays or a raining day activity.

asian style veggie soup

This soup is easy, warming and delicious! Plus no annoying blending! What more could you want?

how to get kids to come and stay at the table

Creating happier family mealtimes in just three steps. Family mealtimes is one of the most powerful things you can do to help your children become adventurous and colourful eaters (AKA less fussy!!).

mandarin cake

We are lucky enough to have a mandarin tree. So I make this as we have a very active tree at the moment.

sweet potato boats

A tad annoying to make (due to the pre-cooking of the sweet potato and trying to get the flesh out and not wreck the skin) but my kids said they are yummy and I should share the recipe!

red velvet cookies

Chocolate biscuits with a twist. Simple, easy and delicious!

fruits and veggies make great snacks

At Foost, we love fruits and vegetables. They are crunchy, juicy and oh so colourful. They give us energy and make me feel good from my head to-matoes.

Helen’s easy asian salmon

1 minute prep and 10 mins to cook! Delicious and easy! The perfect combo of sweet and salty.

no cook lemon slice

A delicious take on lemon slice perfect for a lunch box snack or party treat

fluffy fruity pancakes

My 12 year old and I went out for brunch one day. We had fluffy, fluffy pancakes. Much nicer than the ones I usually make apparently, well until now…

easy oven poached eggs

Learn how to poach eggs like a pro with little fuss and clean up with this super simple recipe.

lemon, asparagus and parmesan risotto

Risotto is a great all rounder, and you can always change it up by adding different veggies to the mix so its never a dull dish!

design your own pasta bar

Deconstructing dinners are one of our favourite things to do. Here is our take on a pasta dish that can be eaten for dinner or cold for lunch the next day!

mexican dessert bowls

Who said Mexican boats are only savoury. This dessert is berry easy and approved by kids and adults.

simple roasted mushrooms

With only 3 ingredients this simple stuffed mushroom recipe will become your go to veggie side.

what’s in season autumn

The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing colour. Welcome to beautiful Autumn.

bbq bananas

This oozy and delicious recipe is just what you need to try on your BBQ this summer season.

meringues (egg free)

Egg free meringue??? Is it science or magic? Who knows but it’s delicious

what’s in season summer

Summer is definitely here with a bang! And it just has to be one of the best time of the year for fruits and veggies! Berry picking, trays or mangoes for fundraising, pavlovas brimming with kiwi and berries and veggies cooked on the BBQ. 

watermelon and halloumi salad

Watermelon and Halloumi are a match made in heaven. Try this refreshing salad as an colourful side.

celery butterflies

A cute bug snack perfect for lunch boxes, kids parties or just a quick bite to eat.

simple cinnamon scrolls

Some times you just want to whip up a quick and easy snack or dessert on those busy days. It may not rival the original but its damn good.

emotional eating

We have all used eating to deal with stress and emotions. It’s time to stop beating yourself up about it. It’s natural but not the only way we can deal with issues.

colourful fried rice

A dinner time staple, this family favourite is a simple way to add some colour to your plate.

pita pizza

Want a quick and easy alternative to pizza without the fuss of dough. This is the recipe for you.

top tips for staying clean in the kitchen

Getting kids into the kitchen helping you out with some cooking or baking is one of the best ways for the little ones to learn about food and nutrition. Children love getting in the kitchen to help out with cooking up a storm, but sometimes it can leave your kitchen looking like a cyclone has blown through!

coconut, raspberry and banana bread

An even more fruity variation of the classic banana bread.

waste not

We are all guilty of forgetting about those veggies at the bottom of the fridge or the fruit that got a bit squishy in the fruit bowl. You might not even think about tossing them in the bin, and rightly so if it’s smelly and mushy, but most of the time those sad looking fruits and veg can be saved!

Amazing Quinoa Salad

This is a hearty and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or colourful side! It’s also gluten free!

berry nice lamington bites

We think these delicious bites taste just like lamingtons but are much easier to make! Give them a try and tell us if you agree.

easy stuffed chicken bake

A simple stuffed chicken breast that is quick to prepare and doesn’t dirty many dishes either!

roast tomato soup

Oh how we love soup at Foost. A warm hit of veggies. This delicious soup has just six ingredients (and most of them you will already have in the cupboard).

1, 2, 3 breathe (tips for staying calm at mealtimes)

When it comes to feeding children, one of the most powerful things you can do to help kids learn to eat a variety of food and to have a positive relationship with food is create a happy environment for them to eat in. But how do we do that?

easy meals

We all have “I can’t be bothered cooking” nights. Well here are 7 meals that you can whip up in a flash!

design your own ‘jelly’

My children adore this recipe. I served the juice version at my grandma’s 100th birthday and the adults liked it too! Plus it’s only three ingredients!

chicken on a stick

I don’t know why but kids just love food on a stick!

green eggs and bacon

Think eggs and bacon is unhealthy? Well try our version – healthy and delicious!

cheese burger meatballs

Cheesy filled meat balls that are so simple to make and can be eaten a variety of ways.

diy toasted muesli

I have become completely obsessed with making my own toasted muesli. Delicious it’s for breakfast. Or a great snack sprinkled on Greek yoghurt with some fruit.

Israeli salad

A simple salad with fresh flavours and a super simple dressing.

simple Brazilian potato salad

Potato salad Brazilian style. So simple, quick and tasty

shepherd’s pie

A warming family style meal for this winter period. Full of veg and creamy smooth potato topping

rainy-day kids cooking ideas

The kids will be entertained, you will end up with something tasty to eat and you don’t even need to leave the house to grocery shop!

eating on a budget

Eating on $2 a day has given me some insights into feeding a family filling, nutritious and colourful foods on a budget. If you are interested, I’d like to share them with you.

caramel popcorn

Pop this recipe on your favourite snack list for a sweet touch

what’s in season winter

From apples to artichokes, Winter brings an abundance of colourful fruits and vegetables that can create delicious family meals.

baked beans

Baked beans on toast is a family favourite in my household. So i thought I’d try and make it from scratch and it was a total hit!

fruit and seed buns

This recipe has been adapted from our beloved hot cross bun recipe so we could have them all year round

life in plastic, it ain’t fantastic

Simple tips for reducing single-use plastics + DIY beeswax wraps

5 ingredient, 5 minute stir fry

Couldn’t get easier then this with only 5 ingredients you can make a colourful dish in 5 minutes.


I love this easy meal for nights I want a quick dinner with ingredients I always have in fridge and cupboard. Great for lunch or breakfast too!

puffed rice choc slice

A nut free addition to your lunch box packing. Or even a choc fix for your afternoon snack

roasted sweet potatoes

Crispy skin and sweet caramelized insides! Yum!!

is it time to change your food beliefs?

The key to a positive relationship with food is for children to have internal control of eating.

carrot cake bliss balls

A mix of carrot cake and cookie dough. A great snack for adults and children

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