Positive Food Education (PFE)

Positive Food Education is a holistic approach to food, education, health and lifestyle, that has been designed to help people, at work and at home, to integrate positive food choices into their life. The result of over 15 years experience in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, dietetics, nutrition and health promotion, Positive Food Education has been designed by the Foost team to create simple, enjoyable ways to improve your relationship with food.

PFE is based on four themes:

Eat Colourful Sm

Eating more colourful fruits and vegetables is the most simple, and powerful dietary change people can make to improve their health. Research shows that a higher intake of fruit and vegetables is linked to improved physical and mental health, as well as reduced risk long-term disease. We have developed a series of interactive programmes for communities, schools and businesses, with content-rich support to help people to tweak their food intake and experience the benefits of eating colourful.

Eat Mindful Sm

Mindful eating enables us to be more present in our meals; enjoy our food more and listening to our bodies. Tuning into the body’s hunger and fullness enables us to be in more control of our eating. Eat mindful is also about transforming the thoughts you have around food. Creating positive food language, internally and externally, improves our relationship with food.

Positive Environment Sm

Our environment can either support or impede our nutrition intake and health.  A food environment exists in your home or work environment, whether it has been intentionally created or not.  Creating a positive, supportive environment, will assist in increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables and continuation of healthier food habits.

Positive Beliefs Sm

At the heart of our food choices, are our beliefs and behaviours. As a leader in your workplace, family or community, you are a role model for the people around you. Your food language and beliefs, internally and externally, impact those around you. Treating others with compassion, understanding and respect whilst having patience, will assist those around you on their food journey.