family eating

language swaps for happy mealtimes

Language swaps for happy, stress free mealtimes and to raise adventurous and colourful eaters

family eating

mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness is the buzz at the moment. But what exactly is it? And is it useful for eating?

family eating

family meal times

Do you dread or love dinner time? Read on to create a fun family meal time in your house.

family eating

why we can all use a little more colour in our lives

This morning I had three. Just now I devoured four. I’m probably going to have another three for dinner tonight …
What on earth are you talking about, you ask?

family eating

one thing

If you were going to make one change, just one, to create a healthier family – what should it be? What is the best thing to combat fussy eating and create children who are more adventurous eaters?

family eating

the glass is half colourful

There are many ways to look at a situation. Recently I’ve taken the approach to try and focus on the positive and build from there. So how does this relate to food? Let me tell you a story…

family eating

being thankful

A tradition I want to start with my family to support family mealtimes, mindful eating and a moment of peace in busy lives.

family eating

how much should I snack?

Should we be snacking and on what? Here are some of our top snacking tips.

family eating

kiddiefy your favourite meals so you can enjoy them as a family!

Have you stopped cooking your favourite meals because you don’t think the kids will eat them? Or cook kids an alternate meal? Follow these three tips to get everyone enjoying the same meal.

family eating

how to get your kids to eat their greens

A quirky, slight cheeky but fun blog about teaching kids to learn to love food, even veggies

family eating

no stress, no fuss….just deconstruct!

Getting kids to learn to like different foods can be tough! You lovingly make a meal and they won’t even touch it. Well try adding some deconstructed or sharing meals into your week and see what happens.

family eating

forget “eat your greens because they’re good for you”

Sick of sounding like a broken record begging your children to eat their greens’ because they’re good for you?’ Make mealtime a buzz with these creative ideas to help your kids learn to like their greens.

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  • I must say I do enjoy planning my kids' birthday parties (am I a minority or do you like it too?). This one was a tad easier as the food was make it yourself (it's part of the party!) Make your own pizza and then an ice-cream bar (featuring giant cookie as the birthday cake). The pizza boxes and tiny gelato spoons we got locally really made it fun! (Oh my, I totally just realised that I even deconstruct my birthday parties 😂) #happybirthday #birthdayparties #makeyourown #pizza #cookie #giantcookie

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