mindful eating

just food

Food is morally neutral, shouldn’t make us feel bad or guilty. Food should be enjoyed!

mindful eating

give something different this Easter

Read this for some Easter inspiration that doesnt just include chocolate

mindful eating

3 minute mindful eating exercise

Love chocolate or a glass of wine? Try this 3 minute mindful eating exercise so you can have your cake and enjoy it more!

mindful eating

avoiding the 3pm hunger games

Too many times I have been that ravenous, lethargic human being who wolfs down a 3pm snack in about two minutes, only to be left with crumbs in my lap, a crumpled wrapper and wanting more.
Fast forward to now, and I’m happy to share that you can beat the ‘3pm Hunger Games’.

mindful eating

mind full to mindful

When did things get so complicated? It’s just food. It’s time for a brain dump and social media cleanse. Let go of the marketing hype and confusing, conflicting and negative food thoughts.
Let’s venture from mind full to mindful…

mindful eating

a change of focus

At Foost we believe food is more than a pile of nutrients. It’s something to give us energy, something to feed our bodies and our soul, it’s social and it’s damn delicious!

mindful eating

the sillier season-part 3

Eating mindfully during the silly season is going to help you enjoy the treats you really like and enjoy them more!

mindful eating

still the silly season-part 2

Let’s get specific about what foods you really, really like at Christmas time so you can enjoy them without worrying.

mindful eating

the silly season-part 1

It is possible to enjoy your favourite treats at Christmas time without having to worry about your weight. Let us show you how in this three-part series!

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  • Asparagus love thanks to 'What's growing' book :) Ate a whole one reciting everything he knew about them. #kidsnutrition #asparagus #delicious 🥒Irene

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