warmed pears

We love these warmed pears served on porridge on a cold winter’s day


hot banana and berry porridge

A yummy dish for a cold morning


fruit compote

Delicious fruit compote that you can enjoy all year round. A great addition to your breakfast or snack.


i love you eggs

Lovely for mother’s day, father’s day, valentines day or just to say I love you


make your own muesli

A versatile muesli you can make up in the morning or make in a big batch to have in your pantry


dairy-free bircher muesli

A great breakfast to make the night before for a quick, colourful and delicious start to the day



These amazing crumpelets are a cross between a crumpet and a pikelet. What a great alternative to toast. Try them with our chia jam.


Jessica’s simple bread quiche

Delicious, simple and colourful bread quiche. Great for picnics or something different for lunch!


breakfast omelette

Fantastic breakfast or dinner option, full of delicious colourful veggies. Quick, easy and simple food.


chia jam

A ‘healthier’ jam with just 4 ingredients and can be prepared in under 5 minutes (using a food processor)


one pan eggs and home-made tomato sauce

This tasty meal is a family favourite and only requires one pan to wash up too!


smoothie bowl

A tasty breakfast smoothie in a bowl – how fun!

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