party food

baked blueberry cheesecake

Delicious easy dessert! Great for kids birthday parties. So quick to make.

party food

black forest smoothie

Try our black forest smoothie for a different chocolate hit

party food

chicken nuggets

We love these fun chicken nuggets- great for dinner with some colourful veggies

party food

choc-nana smoothie

Craving some chocolate? Try this fantastic chocolaty smoothie

party food

Noelle’s plum cake

Use fresh or tinned fruit in this yummy recipe (thanks to my mum for this recipe, she often makes it with my little ones)

party food

ladybird crackers

We love these fun and festive ladybird snacks

party food

no bake chocolate crackles

Simple and delicious. A healthy take an a good ole classic.

party food

christmas tree platter

Need to bring a dish? This is a fun one and will add some colour to the table.

party food

grinch on a stick

A fun and colourful holiday activity.

party food

ABCD balls

A great bite-sized afternoon snack when you’re on the go.

party food

three ingredient choc chip muesli bars

Super simple and super delicious, with only three ingredients. My kids love it when I pop one of these in their lunchboxes.

party food

carrot cake

Great for a birthday cake or as a special afternoon treat – no one will even mind it has vegetables in it!

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  • I must say I do enjoy planning my kids' birthday parties (am I a minority or do you like it too?). This one was a tad easier as the food was make it yourself (it's part of the party!) Make your own pizza and then an ice-cream bar (featuring giant cookie as the birthday cake). The pizza boxes and tiny gelato spoons we got locally really made it fun! (Oh my, I totally just realised that I even deconstruct my birthday parties 😂) #happybirthday #birthdayparties #makeyourown #pizza #cookie #giantcookie

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