sour cream and berry muffins

Have extra sour cream and want a delicious snack? Make these!


monster dip

A family favourite to have with veggies or grainy crackers


no bake PB and J slice

Love peanut butter and jelly? Try this awesome slice!


black forest smoothie

Try our black forest smoothie for a different chocolate hit


crunchy coconut and apricot muesli bars

It’s taken me years to work it out, but here is a crunchy muesli bar. Actually it is super crunchy! Great as a bar or break it apart and use as granola on fruit and yoghurt.


dessert spring rolls

We love to make these fun dessert spring rolls with the kids.


pot sticker dumplings

Making these tasty dumplings with your kids is a lot of fun!


tzatziki dip

A light dip great for serving with veggies, home made pita chips or grainy crackers!


choc-nana smoothie

Craving some chocolate? Try this fantastic chocolaty smoothie


monster smoothie

A fun smoothie to try with our monster sandwich


blueberry buzz smoothie

For a great snack or breakfast, simply blend following ingredients together for one minute to make a delicious smoothie

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  • What if I told you I had found a delicious recipe for Brussel sprouts that took this vegetable from foe to friend for me (my mum agrees and one out of four of my kids agree)

Would you say back to me? 
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C) it can't be better than my Brussel sprout recipe (share details please)
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