christmas tree platter

Xmas Platter 3
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A great festive snack for the kids to enjoy this Christmas. Serve it with a dip!

🍴Serves: varies
🕒 Prep:  15 mins Cook: 0 mins


  • Tree: cucumber, spinach, celery, raw or lightly steamed broccoli
  • Trunk: carrot or celery sticks or stick pretzels
  • Decorations: carrot, olives, red and yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes


  1. Cut celery and carrot into long slices. Cut cucumber into rounds. Cut capsicum into a star
  2. Make the shape of a Christmas tree by arranging into lines of cucumber or broccoli. Make each row slightly shorter than the last to create a triangle shaped tree
  3.  Make the trunk of the tree with lines of celery or carrot (or try using pretzels)
  4. Add carrot, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum and olives (as baubles and tinsel). Use red or yellow capsicum to make a start for the top of the tree


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