Lead your workplace food culture

When it comes to food, it’s a confusing world out there. Full of expanding waistlines, food marketing, fast food and conflicting nutrition messages.

As one person, your power to lobby the government or build more bike paths is a little limited. Nethertheless, you do have a huge influence and power in your own community!
Whether that community is your home, workplace, school or sporting club, YOU can guide the food culture of that community. Improving eating behaviours creates a healthier community and reduces negative pressures.

It is worth recognising that ALL communities have a “food culture”. It may have been deliberately crated, or developed as the result of neglect. Whether you like it or not, a culture exists and as a leader you are responsible!

According to the Department of Health, a healthy workplace helps to make a more productive business with more engaged employees. Let’s bring back the health in OH&S.

We are calling on you to be TRUE leaders. Help us change the World, by changing your community. Make it a more colourful place, with lots of fruits and vegetables! Let’s begin NOW….


“Thank you for the healthy eating / cooking demonstration you gave to Daly International. Everyone agreed the session was hands on and informative. It was fun to cook in the kitchen with colleagues and have a delicious and healthy lunch”

– Melanie Fanning
Daly International