eat colourful

FOOST promotes an “Eat Colourful” message, inspiring Australians to include more colourful fruit and vegetables in meals and snacks. If Australians could do one thing to be healthier, nutritionally, it would be to eat more fruit and vegetables! We believe food should be enjoyed, not restricted. Cooking should be achievable, not complicated. Vegetables should be friend, not foe. Family mealtimes should be enjoyable, not war zones. FOOST’s mission is to support the creation of healthier food cultures amongst the general community, schools, workplaces and at home.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 52% of Australians don’t eat enough fruit and 92% don’t eat enough vegetables. That’s only 5.5% of Australian adults who eat enough fruit and vegetables! Specifically, eating more fruit and vegetables:

  • Prevents 12% of cancers;
  • Reduces the risk of overweight/obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and digestive problems;
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by 17%;
  • Reduces the risk of stroke by 4% for each extra vegetable eaten and by 7% for each additional fruit;
  • Reduces the total burden of disease by 2%.

But more importantly, more fruits and vegetables is great for health, it can improve happiness and the aging process.

We want your staff to be the best that they can be! FOOST can show and inspire them to do this through our ‘Eat Colourful’ message.

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“It’s healthy eating that actually makes sense” Participant

“I’ve done many diet programs before and Eat Colourful makes the most sense to me and was easy to follow. ” Participant