give something different this Easter

What a festive time of year- chocolate and sweets seem to be everywhere. While we have a sweet tooth like anyone else (including our children), chocolate tastes so much sweeter when enjoyed occasionally (and slowly, without interruption).

Some of our favourite options which aren’t chocolate:

  • Egg shaped bliss balls (recipes here)
  • Mini sticky date and pear muffins
  • Egg shaped playdough (can pop into a plastic egg)
  • Mini carrots (bunnies favourite foods)
  • Carrot Cake (recipe here)
  • ‘Carrot’ filled Popcorn
    (make a carrot packet by rolling orange paper into a cone and sticking some green on top)
  • Whats growing? book (lasts much longer than food and you can teach your kids how carrots grow)
  • Kids safe knife (cuts carrots but not little fingers)
  • Little toy bunny or baby chick (from $2 shop)

    Why don’t you get your kids to help out making gifts in the kitchen with you?

And click here for some mindful eating tips during this festive season.

Happy holidays everyone!


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