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“Helping kids have a positive relationship with food”

The Strawberry Jam Sesion
Nov 2020

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“Let them eat cake”

The West Australian
Nov 2020


“Don’t be rude to food”

Fad Free Podcast
Jan 2020

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“How to reduce food waste & make magic with leftovers”

YMCA Healthy Living Magazine
Autumn 2019

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“We Love a Mother”

February/March 2019

Media Is The Secret To A Better School Year

“Is the secret to a better school year inside your kids’ lunchbox?”

The Bub Hub
January 15th, 2018

Media Whats In My Trolley

“What’s in my Trolley?”

Also featured in Scoop Nutrition

Sarah Moore Wellness
January 7th 2018

Media 5 Ways To Get Your Kids Eating More Fruit And Veg

“5 Ways To Get Your Kids Eating More Fruit & Veg’‘

Woolworths Fresh Food Kids

Media Top Dishes To Feed Your Kids

“Top Dishes To Feed Your Kids This Winter (And How To Do It)”

Woolworths Fresh Food Kids

Media Episode 39 Kate Wengier

“Food education & colourful eating”

Episode 39: with Kate Wengier, Dietitian Connection,
December 9, 2017

Media Kate Wengier Q A

“Q & A with Kate Wengier”

Ideal Nutrition
August 2017

Meda What If Vegetables Were People01

“What If Vegetables Were People”

The Morning Show, Channel 7
July 2017

Media Dont Force Feed Fussy Eaters

“Don’t Force Feed Fussy Eaters”
July 2017

Media This Is Not A Two Hatted Restaurant

“The is not a two hatted restaurant”

Mouth of mums
June 2017

Media Learning To Like

“Learning to Like”

Mouth of mums
July 2017

Meda What If Vegetables Were People02

“What If Vegetables Were People”

Radio 3AW
June 2017

Blog Chicken Nuggets

“Healthy Chicken nuggets”

Today Show, Channel 7
June 2017

Media Fuzzy Eaters

“Fussy Eaters? There’s a new picture book for that”

Kinderlings Radion
June 2017

Media Help Kids To Know Their Vegetables Thumb

Help Kids To Know Their Vegetables

Glen Eira Leader
June 2017

Media Colourful Feast For The Eyes Thumb

Colourful Feast For The Eyes

Herald Sun
June 2017

Media Stick It Dip It

“Stick it, Dip it”

Mouth of mums
March 2017

Media Its Time To Teach Food

“It’s time to teach food”

Early Horizons Magazine
Page 20-21

Media Soft Sell A Recipe For Fussy Eaters Thumb

Soft Sell A Recipe For Fussy Eaters

Herald Sun
June 2016

Media Tone It Down Curtis Stone

“Tone it down Curtis Stone!”

Mouth of Mums
March 2016

Blog Eating On A Budget

BBC 5 radio interview (UK)
June 2015

Blog Haloumi And Sweet Potato Salad

Wave fm radio interview
June 2015

Blog Raw Apple Cookies

ABC radio interview
June 2015

Media Be Polite To Your Veggies

“Be Polite To Your Veggies”

Early Horizons Magazine
Page 18-19

Media Juniors Get Kick Out Of Healthy Food Thumb

Juniors Get Kick Out Of Healthy Food

Hume Leader
Oct 2014

Media Kids Cook Up A Storm For School Holiday Program Thumb

Kids Cook Up A Storm For School Holiday Program In Glen Eira

Glen Eira Leader
Sept 2014

Media Its All In The Mind

“It’s all in the mind”

Practical Parenting
July 2014

Media Activities Keep Kids Amused

“Activities keep kids amused”

June 24th 2014

Media Kids Can Learn Japanese Cooking

“Kids can learn Japanese cooking these holidays”

June 24th 2014

Media Inspect A Gadget
Media Raise Healthy Eaters With These Five Food Sentence Swaps

“Raise healthy eaters with these 5 food sentence swaps”

Mouth of Mums
May, 2014

Media Top 5 Tips For Hiding Veggies

“Five top tips for hiding veggies, it’s not what you think”

Mouth of Mums
March, 2014

Media Dont Be Rude To Food

“Don’t be rude to food”

One Handed Cooks
March, 2014

Media 5 Myths About Dairy

“Five myths about dairy”

March, 2014

Media How To Create Happy Family Mealtimes

“Six steps to happy family mealtimes”

Mouth of Mums
February, 2014

Blog Sausage Rolls

“Healthy sausage rolls and Anzac Biscuits”

Body and Soul
January, 2014

Media Want Healthier Family New Year

“Want a healthier family this New Year?”

Mouths of Mums
January, 2014

Blog Sushi

“Planting successful New Year’s resolutions in your family”

Guest blog at Kelly Bros farm to you
January, 2014

Media Making New Years Resolutions

“New Years Resolutions”

The Parenting Files
December, 2013

Media Enjoy Christmas Without Becoming The Pudding

“Enjoying Christmas feasting without becoming the pudding”

Family Capers
December, 2013

Media 5 Healthy Creative Christmas Food Ideas

“Five healthy and creative Christmas food ideas”

Mouths of Mums
December, 2013

Media 5 Mistakes Parents Make Feeding Kids Rate

“Five mistakes parents make when feeding their kids…How do you rate?”

Mouths of Mums
November, 2013

Media Get Kids Eat Veggies Illusion Choice

“How to get kids to eat their veggies, the illusion of choice”

The Parenting Files
November, 2013

Media Inspire Kids Eat Veggies

“How to inspire your kids to eat their veggies, by taking the fuss out of feeding”

Mouths of Mums
October , 2013

Media Master Apprentices
Media Become A Legend In Your Childs Lunchbox

“Become a legend in your child’s lunchbox (3, 2, 1, go … to school)”

Family Capers
October, 2013

Media Making Food Fun Interview

“Kate Wengier – Making Food Fun Interview”

Media Womens Weekly
Media Slice It Up
Media Fresh Food Workshops
Media Whats New
Media Kiddie Chefs Set For Footy Feast
Media Look Sharp
Media Kids Join In The Food And Frivolity
Media Fun Shaken And Stirred
Media Stirring Up A Storm