interactive cooking

Tired of sessions that are death by powerpoint? Foost interactive cooking and nutrition sessions will energise, education, empower and feed your workplace!

Sessions are fully interactive and people feel supported to participate. We’re had proficient home cooks to people who have never chopped anything have fun and help prepare lunch or snack for their co-workers.

We learn best when we are having fun and engaged, not bogged down in nutrition jargon, numbers and does and don’ts. Foost proudly does things different, boasting an ‘eat more’ message through mindful eating.

Foost sessions are based on our Eat Colourful message. Sessions are run by Foost’s experienced dietitians. To find out more about our workplace wellness programs please contact us.

“ Irene was great! The session was really interactive and there were lots of questions, which is always a good sign that people are interested and engaged. ”
Kelly, BDO Australia