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Mother's Day Toast Picture
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We’re going to use fruits and veggies to re-create a portrait of mum! Using a slice of bread, various fruits and veggies and her favorite spreads to create a likeness of mum. You could even do a one of mum wearing a face mask. Let’s great creative…

Step 1: Toast some bread

You can use any bread. What’s mum’s favourite? Rye, white, multigrain? Wholemeal or raisin? This would even work on a pancake, muffin, crumpet or rice cracker.

Step 2: Choose your spread 

There are heaps of spreads to choose from including cream cheese, nut butter, choc spread, smashed avocado, hummus or tomato relish.

Step 3: Add some hair

You can use things like sliced banana, shredded carrot, blueberries or omelette strips.

Step 4: And some facial features

Choose two “eyes”. Here are some ideas: grapes, cucumber circles, radish slices or olives. Try adding some currants or dried cranberries as the pupils in the middle of the eye.

Time to add a mouth. Ideas: Strawberry slice, half a cherry tomato, a mandarin orange segment or red capsicum. 

Add anything else you like. A mushroom nose or maybe some glasses?

Step 5: Optional: Decorate with some flowers

Here’s how:

  1. Arrange mandarin orange or strawberry slices in a pinwheel to form the flower petals. Other fruits you could use include blueberries or raspberries or apples slices for a bigger flower.
  2. Cut a cucumber or green capsicum strip lengthwise to make the flower’s stem
  3. And a semi-circle cucumber slice, piece of grape or baby spinach as a flower leaf

Top tips

  • Think of great flavour combinations that match the spread to the toppings. You might like to first plan out your toast first on paper by making a drawing. Or just cut some things up, and give it a go.
  • Once you have made mum, why not make other family members or friends or how about a self portrait?

Please share! We’d love to see your creations so please tag us on instagram or facebook.

Mother's Day Toast


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