Foost’s private facebook group: lettuce be friends members group


Foost has created a dedicated space for assisting you with cooking and feeding your family.

The private Facebook group will feature units and tips on:

  • shopping less
  • using up leftovers
  • wasting less
  • cooking from what you have in pantry and fridge
  • saving money on food
  • family eating

You can tell us what you have, and we will suggest what you can cook! Plus ask Kate questions about cooking, shopping, family eating and cooking with kids whilst we all stay home. Ask away, Kate and Foost are there to help!

Kate, mum of four and family dietitian, will post cooking videos eveyr few days cooking with what’s in her fridge!

Downloadables available on the page: shopping list, sample family meal plan and guide to using your freezer. More downloadables coming including the utlimate guide to wasting less food (which means shopping less and saving money).

Payment includes life-time access to the page (this page will become a subscrtiption page in time, but you get lifetime access for being some of the first to join).

You will also get access to discount code for Foost website.

These are hard times but we can use it to help create happier family mealtimes and increase our cooking confidence.

Once you buy this item, within 24 hours you will recieve a link to join the page.

If you would like to join but cannot afford it, then please email and we’ll give you free access.