salad people

Salad People
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Salad people make for an easy craft activity with the end product being a snack. This is a great one to try out with your kids over school holidays or as a rainy day activity.

?Serves: variable
? Prep: 5-10 mins


  • Your choice of seasonal vegetables
  • Choose vegetables of different colours!
  • Olives


  1. To make salad people, wash and cut vegetables (cut them into circles, strips and wedges so the kids have a variety of shapes to choose from)
  2. Arrange on your plate into the shape of people and slice olives to use as eyes and a mouth



Try: cucumber, celery, capsicum, mushroom, tomato, carrot.

Why not serve with some dip to make a great snack, try our Tzatziki or Hummus dips.

**You can even make these a little festive by cutting a grape tomato in half and make it into a football for the grand final celebrations.**


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