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Eating well at work isn’t always easy. Time pressures, access to healthy food and sometimes just cutting through the myriad of health fads and advice to understand how you can eat healthier are just a few of the challenges we all face.

The good news is the solution isn’t that hard and the benefits are considerable.

Eat Colourful. The single, biggest dietary change that we can each make is to eat more fruit and vegetables at meal and snack times, what we call Eating Colourful.

Benefits of Positive Eating in the Workplace

  • Greater Productivity, Staff Engagement and Culture
  • Increases in focus and related productivity gains – did you know the healthiest Australian employees are 3 times more productive than their colleagues?
  • Reduction in sick leave, health related absenteeism and workers’ compensation (healthy staff take up to 9 times less sick leave)
  • Growth in staff engagement through positive action by up to 40%
  • Improvements to company culture and image
  • Increased staff retention rates

That is why at Foost, we have developed Workplace Positive Food Education. It has been designed to help your teams to realise how simple eating well can be, and to support them on their journey towards more positive eating habits.

Our Positive Food Programmes are designed to be easily implemented in your work environment and can be tailored to fit your needs and goals in creating a healthier, happier, more productive workplace.

Our sessions can be delivered in multiple ways to best serve your workplace

  • Tasters (drop in style). Great for engaging more people and higher management. Taste of food and education.
  • Take away tasters. Perfect to include small groups of starting working off site.
  • Smoothie bikes.
  • Interactive workshops. More in-depth education through a longer style of sessions.

 “Thank you for the healthy eating / cooking demonstration you gave to Daly International. Everyone agreed the session was hands on and informative. It was fun to cook in the kitchen with colleagues and have a delicious and healthy lunch”

Melanie Fanning, Daly International

 “We really loved your sessions.. The Foost team are amazing and I thought it went really well and we had good feedback on the event. Big thumbs up from me.”

Rochelle Cardell, Coca Cola Adamil

Some of our happier, healthier clients

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All programs include pre, during and post communication, for constant and enhanced messaging.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you create positive moments with your community.


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