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Positive Food Education Membership

Perfect if you want to:

  • reduce food stress when feeding your family
  • make mealtimes enjoyable
  • be confident about your child’s nutrition intake
  • help your children to not obsess over sugary foods
  • stop your children constantly asking for snacks
  • be inspired with healthy ideas for meals, lunchboxes and snacks
  • help your children learn to like a variety of foods, for life
  • learn the best food language to use with your children
$39.00 / month
$650.00 / year
$468.00 $234.00 / year

What’s included?

  • 15 topics covered – each with 10-15 lessons
  • Easy to digest video lessons (with subtitles)
  • Downloadable activities for every lesson
  • Non-sequential learning so you can focus on what’s most important to you
  • Strength based approach for creating sustainable and long term change
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly, live Q&A’s with founder, dietitian and mother of four Kate Wengier
  • 5% discount on all Foost products

Complete at your own pace!

The Positive Food Education Journey

For parents and carers of children aged 2-12 years. To reduce food stress, raise kids who enjoy a variety of foods and bring joy to mealtimes.

Positive Food Education Journey Map
$39.00 / month
$650.00 / year
$468.00 $234.00 / year

Filled with over 100 activities! Each inspires a small and sustainable change.

Journey Options

From as little as one Cup of Coffee per week….

Chose from three options:

  • Monthly
  • Annual (50% off)
  • VIP Package (includes live online support)
$39.00 / month
$650.00 / year
$468.00 $234.00 / year

Join the Positive Food Education community now

  • Reduce stress feeding your children. From what to feed, to calm mealtimes.
  • Children who enjoy a variety of foods. Without begging, pleading or bribing.
  • Enjoyable family mealtimes. Because food is meant to be enjoyed. For family connection.
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 As a Nutritionist, I’ve always known what my kids “should” be eating but we all know that’s easier said than done. Mealtimes are much calmer since implementing the simple techniques I learned from Foost and my kids are actually trying lots of new foods without any pressure to do so! – Lindsey

Foost has helped me reduce mealtime stress and learn about feeding my girls in a calm way.

Susanna, mother of four