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Positive Food Education

Getting kids to eat healthy foods is tough! As educators and teachers, you play a pivotal role in inspiring young children on their food journey. How you teach them food and nutrition benefits their lives now and impacts them for their entire life.

We understand the pressures on educators regarding children’s intake. These pressures can lead us to focusing on “getting food into children” in the moment, rather than children learning to like foods and having a positive relationship with food so they continue to choose healthy foods for life.

Here at Foost, we have developed simple, evidenced-based methods to promote healthy, happy mealtimes in early education centres, schools and at home.

Benefits of Positive Food Education in schools and early learning centres

  • Higher intake of fruits and vegetables (only 9% of children meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake)
  • Children have better concentration and learning capacity when consuming a healthier diet
  • Lower risks of disordered eating (one in twelve have an eating disorder and children as young as 3 are influenced by dieting messages and awareness of body image)  
  • Dietary habits track, so what children eat predicts their intake as an adult
  • Improved collaboration between cooks, educators/teachers and parents
  • Reduced risk of long-term lifestyle related diseases for children
  • Inspired and empowered educators and parents
  • More peaceful mealtimes

Because mealtimes are a shared responsibility, our delivery of positive food education targets both children, staff and parents: 

  • Colourful kids cooking incursions
  • Professional development sessions (for staff including teachers, educators, cooks)
  • Parent education sessions (lunchbox or fussy-eating sessions)
  • Healthy fundraising
  • Education packs

 “I’ve been a prep teacher for the last 7 years and this is by far the most fun I’ve had at work. This class was so engaging and we got to learn so much about food and colourful eating. Thank you so much for coming in”

Prep teacher from Birmingham Primary school

 “I was lucky enough to attend a Teacher Professional Development afternoon with Kate and would highly encourage others to do the same. Fantastic presenter, provides great advice and suggestions for both the curriculum and families and even feeds you (bonus points!). You will leave with a huge smile on your face and an excitement for how you can encourage children to love food.”

Jemma Daley-Peptio from DVP Health Professional Development Session

 “Kate’s ability to make cooking both FUN and EDUCATIONAL engaged not only our young students but adult staff as well. Kate is informative, colourful and hands on and the children were active and responsive participants. Thank you Kate. I highly recommended ‘Foost’.”

Elly Levis. Teacher

All programs include pre, during and post communication, for constant and enhanced messaging. We provide recipes and tips to share with your education community.

Get in touch with a member of our Foost team to discuss how we can help your children and community shine through nutrition.