kiddiefy your favourite meals so you can enjoy them as a family!

Have you stopped cooking your favourite meals because you don’t think the kids will eat them? Or cook kids an alternate meal? Follow these three tips to get everyone enjoying the same meal.


no stress, no fuss….just deconstruct!

Getting kids to learn to like different foods can be tough! You lovingly make a meal and they won’t even touch it. Well try adding some deconstructed or sharing meals into your week and see what happens.


buckwheat salad with roast veg & persian feta

This is an amazing and colourful salad that goes great as a side and is also filling enough to make a main meal


gado gado

This is a great deconstructed dish. Quick and easy sauce to make to do with just about anything! A fun dinner.


make your own muesli

A versatile muesli you can make up in the morning or make in a big batch to have in your pantry


watermelon pizza

We love this fun and delicious treat


mango tango smoothie

Our favourite mango tango smoothie- a great snack or breakfast


tex mex salad

We love this colourful and fun recipe. Its a great one for using up different ingredients and making it your own recipe.


design your own pasta bar

Deconstructing dinners are one of our favourite things to do. Here is our take on a pasta dish that can be eaten for dinner or cold for lunch the next day!

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  • Today miss 5 has a friend over to play today. For lunch we did a design your own lunch plate. The girls chose a cheese roll and then chose what else they would like (from a communal platter I made). Miss A used a Foost rainbow plate and Miss L used her Veggieman plate. It was a big success! Scroll to see before and after pics of the girls’ lunches. #foost #rainbowplate #lunch #schoolholidays

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