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colourful pizza

A great colourful recipe with only two ingredients in the base!

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coconut fish curry

A Thai-inspired curry that is quick and easy to make and still restaurant quality!

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sausage rolls

Made with colours and without pastry!

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butter chicken

A family favourite that only requires one pan. Fantastic dish full of flavour, so many vegetable combinations to choose from.

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Always wanted to make your favourite takeaway at home? Now you can! This recipe is fully customisible so you can include everyone’s favourite fillings

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mac and cheese

It’s taken me years…but finally my mac and cheese (and veggie) recipe is ready to be shared!

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gado gado

This is a great deconstructed dish. Quick and easy sauce to make to do with just about anything! A fun dinner.

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A quick, easy and fun recipe (and just a little bit messy)

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pot sticker dumplings

Making these tasty dumplings with your kids is a lot of fun!

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chicken and corn soup

This soup inspired by a good friend is a colourful twist to the family favourite

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twisty potatoes

Such a fun and delicious side to your dinner!

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More work and dishes than your average meal but my family loves it. Absolutely delicious

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