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one thing

If you were going to make one change, just one, to create a healthier family – what should it be? What is the best thing to combat fussy eating and create children who are more adventurous eaters?

family eating

i am a dietitian, not the food police

I became a dietitian for one reason – because I love food!

family eating

the essential veg: snacking edition

Our top 5 veggies for snacking on or in salads, as they are colourful, full of flavour and super easy.

family eating

the essential veg : fresh for cooking edition

Our top 5 veggies for cooking, as they are colourful, full of flavour and super easy.

family eating

the essential veg : canned edition

Our top 5 canned veggies, as they are colourful, great to have on hand and super easy.

family eating

family meal times

Do you dread or love dinner time? Read on to create a fun family meal time in your house.

family eating

give something different this Easter

Read this for some Easter inspiration that doesnt just include chocolate

family eating

mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness is the buzz at the moment. But what exactly is it? And is it useful for eating?

family eating

foodie adventures

Our favourite foodie adventures to enjoy with your family

family eating

how to get kids to come and stay at the table

Creating happier family mealtimes in just three steps. Family mealtimes is one of the most powerful things you can do to help your children become adventurous and colourful eaters (AKA less fussy!!).

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  • Keeping it real today with my epic #mumfail of yesterday. Yesterday was not my day (thankfully today is a new one) and we are only human right?
After school yesterday my daughter says to me “mummy you forgot my lunch” and I was very confused as I looked in her bag and saw her lunchbox. Turns out I packed her veggies, her fruit and her muffin but forgot her sandwich. Now in 8 years of school lunchboxes and packing 4 lunchboxes a day, this is the first time I have ever done this! My boys all had sandwiches. I felt really bad about it but you know what, she was fine about it (she was just letting me know). Today is a new day....(and I triple checked she has some wraps in there today). Cheers to a new day...

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