from scratch

homemade ricotta

Whole (full cream) milk, lemons, salt and cheese cloth; all you need to make ricotta cheese! And it is so quick and easy!!! Only takes about 30 minutes.

from scratch

chia jam

A ‘healthier’ jam with just 4 ingredients and can be prepared in under 5 minutes (using a food processor)

from scratch

homemade tortillas with guacamole

These are easier to make than you think!

from scratch


Make gnocchi from scratch!! Simply add your favourite sauce or try our tomato based one.

from scratch


These amazing crumpelets are a cross between a crumpet and a pikelet. What a great alternative to toast. Try them with our chia jam.

from scratch

mac and cheese

It’s taken me years…but finally my mac and cheese (and veggie) recipe is ready to be shared!

from scratch

strawnana ice-cream

Simple and delicious two ingredient ice-cream that takes 30 seconds to make. Perfect for a hot day or to serve with dessert!

from scratch


A quick, easy and fun recipe (and just a little bit messy)

from scratch

dinner crepe

A tasty, filling crepe that’s great anytime of day. Try it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

from scratch


More work and dishes than your average meal but my family loves it. Absolutely delicious

from scratch

spinach, ricotta and more triangles

This is one great way to use up leftover veg or have a meat free dinner alternative.

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  • Another #deconstructed meal here tonight but this time featuring lots of #leftovers! I did this tonight cause I wasn’t in the mood for food arguments and wanted to use up some of the leftovers gathering in the fridge. Leftover wraps, chicken on a stick and salad. I made some fish nuggets and roasted some zucchini and sweet potato to add to it. #familystyle #givekidsthetongs

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