kids in the kitchen

colourful pizza

A great colourful recipe with only two ingredients in the base!

kids in the kitchen

fruit rainbow kebabs

Taste the rainbow!

Fruit kebabs are great to make with the kids. Perfect for birthday parties or for a snack or dessert. Remember to make them nice and colourful.

kids in the kitchen

play with your food

Kids are often told not to play with their food. I say let them play with their food.
Guest Blog by Clare Mathieson

kids in the kitchen

Jessica’s simple bread quiche

Delicious, simple and colourful bread quiche. Great for picnics or something different for lunch!

kids in the kitchen

muesli cookies

These cookies are a hit in the lunch box! And with only 6 ingredients!
Plus, a great way to use up any overripe bananas

kids in the kitchen

shape pancakes

A fun fruity party treat that kids love to make and eat! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the shapes that you can make so get in the kitchen and get creative.

kids in the kitchen

edible veggie garden

It’s time to get colourful and creative making your own edible veggie garden with this fantastic tzatziki dip and your favourite veggies.

kids in the kitchen

quiche boats

Easy and fun mini quiche! A simple recipe to add vegetables to your meal and the kids will love them. Enjoy at any time of the day.

kids in the kitchen

no bake chocolate crackles

Simple and delicious. A healthy take an a good ole classic.

kids in the kitchen

fruit flower

A fun activity and a delicious snack in one!

kids in the kitchen

tzatziki dip

A light dip great for serving with veggies, home made pita chips or grainy crackers!

kids in the kitchen

san choy bow

Delicious fresh Asian inspired meal. Beautifully flavoured chicken mince served in crisp lettuce leaves and eaten with your hands.

kids in the kitchen

an age appropriate guide to cooking with kids

I’m looking forward to the time when my kids can cook me dinner but in the meantime, it’s cooking together for us.

kids in the kitchen

give something different this Easter

Read this for some Easter inspiration that doesnt just include chocolate

kids in the kitchen

mouse egg

I have to be honest, I don’t have delicate fingers and patience for a lot of food art for lunch (awesome to those people who do) but these are quick and easy to make and my kids love them.

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