colourful pizza

A great colourful recipe with only two ingredients in the base!


veggie scrolls

A colourful makeover of a party favourite this is a tasty way to pack some vegetables into your party snacks!


edible veggie garden

It’s time to get colourful and creative making your own edible veggie garden with this fantastic tzatziki dip and your favourite veggies.


tofu burgers

Make these for next Meat Free Monday, we guarantee you won’t miss the meat in this tasty number!


anything sauce

So many veggies, so many uses! Click to find out just how versatile this recipe is!


colourful breakfast pizza

Fun, healthy and great for little helping hands! Great weekend morning meal.


creamy colourful sauce

A creamy veggie filled sauce that can be used on pasta, a topping for baked potatoes or on rice.


stuffed mushrooms

Did you know if you put mushrooms into the sunlight for an hour (before you cook them) it increases their Vitamin D. So pop them on your kitchen window sill while prepping dinner

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  • Another #deconstructed meal here tonight but this time featuring lots of #leftovers! I did this tonight cause I wasn’t in the mood for food arguments and wanted to use up some of the leftovers gathering in the fridge. Leftover wraps, chicken on a stick and salad. I made some fish nuggets and roasted some zucchini and sweet potato to add to it. #familystyle #givekidsthetongs

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