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The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom and it’s getting warmer. Spring is here!


We are very lucky in Melbourne to have so many fruits and vegetables available all year round, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are not always in season…

Fruits and vegetables in season are often more nutritious, tastier and cheaper!! The benefits of eating seasonal produce lets you consume a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, save money and it helps the environment.

Being aware of what is in season and, when possible, buying seasonally is environmentally friendly – less food miles, making use of locally grown produce (less resources used for packaging, storage and transport). What a great way to support the local economy. Sounds like a win win for everyone.

What is in season in Spring?



Lemons/ Limes

Great for savoury, sweet and even cleaning with! Have extra lemons on your tree and want a delicious snack? Make these- sour cream and berry muffins!


One of my family’s favourite fruit. We love to add it into fun salads, such as this fresh strawberry salad.


These guys are so versatile! Eat them straight (and they are packaged by nature), in a smoothie or in baking. See our banana recipe collection here.


Asian greens

This is a whole group of spring veggies that are bursting with nutrients. Our favourite is Gai Lan (known as Chinese broccoli) for its crunchy and fresh textures. Asian greens have many uses, the most common being a great addition to stir fries or an easy side to fish. A simple recipe from our friends at Taste – Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.



Use as a great appetiser, as a side dish, add it to pizzas and pastas . The list is endless. This veggie is loved around the world (with good reason). The tip for the best flavour and texture is don’t overcook it. Recipe for asparagus with crumbs.



Oh Broccoli, how I love you Broccoli. A beautiful veggie that my kids call ‘Broccoli trees’, Packed full of fibre and vitamin C, broccoli is fantastic for gut health and immunity. Thanks to the Good Food website for this awesome recipe, that is a must try! Recipe for roasted broccoli with chilli, garlic and parmesan.



A close relative to broccoli, cauliflower is super versatile and delicious. This family favourite is from the amazing Jamie Oliver. Recipe for the best cauliflower & broccoli cheese



This vegetable is a staple in my fridge, a great colourful addition to many meals. Grate and add to Bolognese sauce, soups, savoury muffins, make chips with etc etc. Recipe with a colourful twist chicken and corn soup.


Some great herbs in season include:

Herbs and spices are great to add flavour to meals. Plus they boost the antioxidants in fruits and veg (antioxidants are ‘good guys’ in your body that help prevent cancer)

Rosemary- a wonderful addition to roast meat. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for this best roast leg of lamb recipe.

Dill Coriander and Mint – so flavoursome in this asian inspired crunchy salad.

Garlic- adds flavour to so many dishes, including simple salad dressings and marinades. Recipe for Greek salad with a twist and teriyaki beef.


Tip for out of season

You can enjoy different fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season by using canned and frozen ones – it’s a great way to boost the colour in your meals. Read about our essential frozen veg here.

Hope our blog has put a spring in your step.

What are your favourite Spring veggies?


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