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Summer is definitely here with a bang!

And it just has to be one of the best time of the year for fruits and veggies! Berry picking, trays or mangoes for fundraising, pavlovas brimming with kiwi and berries and veggies cooked on the BBQ. 

So what is in season in summer and why are we talking about eating seasonally?

Fruit and vegetable in season are often more nutritious (jammed packed with vitamins and minerals to energize us), tastier and cheaper. Eating seasonally helps the environment with less food miles (reducing petrol and pollution) and less storage time!! Plus it supports local growers. Sounds like a win win for everyone.



Lemons are so so versatile!  Have them in a main (mmm…lemon risotto), dessert, in a drink (inspiration here) or some people even clean with them!

Surplus lemons at your house and want to send an edible gift to say thank you/seasons greetings? Try this great no cook lemon slice (you can make it into a bliss ball for fun).  

Strawberries/ Cherries/ Raspberries

Did you know that a strawberry has about 200 seeds on the outside?

We LOVE berries at our house and they taste absolutely amazing fresh (you can substitute for frozen ones the rest of the year). They make for a great addition to any dessert, try our fun egg- free Meringues.


A super easy fruit to grow at home (trust me, I am no green thumb and have a beautiful dwarf tree growing). We love mixing fruit and veggies in savoury recipes, like this apricot chicken (a great one with fresh or dried fruit).



There’s no need to remove the seeds or salt the flesh of eggplants (as was done previously), just wash well and chop (leaving the skin on). We have a super easy vegetable side dish for you to try- miso eggplant.


We love these crunchy and fresh veggies- super versatile and most kid’s favourite. Try this fun and easy christmas tree platter.


Potato is an all rounder and although often available all year round, some varieties are specific to the summer months. There are many fantastic recipes for potato, but great ones for this festive time of the year is baked latkes and potato christmas tree.  


This veggie is bursting with fibre and antioxidants (antioxidants are ‘good guys’ in your body that help prevent cancer and slows aging). If you are still learning to like asparagus, try this easy side dish recipe (asparagus with crumbs). Some more summer inspired recipes with asparagus include mean green apple salad and asparagus and parmesan risotto.


This is a favourite for many people and has a real summer-y feel. So many recipes to share, some delicious ones include a one pan eggs and homemade tomato sauce and this great summer dinner – mexican tortilla boat.

Some great herbs in season include:

Herbs and spices are great to add flavour to meals. Plus they boost the antioxidants in fruits and veg.

Rosemary– a wonderful addition to your Christmas roast. A delicious golden chicken recipe from the awesome Jamie Oliver.

Parsley– this great herb is a fabulous fresh part of one of my favourite salad for entertaining. Recipe here.

Basil– amazing on pizza and in pasta sauces, try this fun porcupine with veggie noodle recipe.

Thyme– this aromatic herb is fantastic in this simple stuffed mushroom recipe.

Tips for out of season produce

If you have a surplus of fruit growing on your trees (or bought at a great price)- you can preserve them, dry them (using a dehydrator or in the oven)  or freeze them for use later in the year.

You can enjoy different fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season by using dried, canned and frozen ones – it’s a great way to boost the colour in your meals. Read about our essential frozen veg here.

Happy summer to all our wonderful Foost followers.


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