workplace wellness

Foost’s workplace wellness programs

A workplace wellness program is an easy way for your business to support the health of employees. Strong evidence shows that workplace health promotion programs can influence workers’ diets.

Promoting a healthier workplace = GOOD BUSINESS


Foost runs tailored cooking and nutrition programs at workplaces, usually during lunchtime. No kitchen required! Menu and education focus are tailored to your staff and business.

Foost focus’s on an Eat Colourful message, as eating more colourful fruits and vegetables is one of the most powerful health changes a person can make. Foost encourages small, sustainable changes that are achievable in the long term and produce lasting results.

And based on your feedback we have just released our Engagement Series, which is increasing participation numbers by up to 900%! Read more about the new program: FOOST The Engagement Series Flyer A4

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