By sharing simple strategies, delicious recipes and fun activities, we create a healthier
and more relaxed food culture in your home, school, workplace or community.

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Eat Colourful. Inspiring a love of colourful fruits and veggies. Simple. Fun. Delicious.

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chicks in nest

We love making these cute chicks in nest. Great for kids parties!



A quick, easy and fun recipe (and just a little bit messy)

party food

Noelle’s plum cake

Use fresh or tinned fruit in this yummy recipe (thanks to my mum for this recipe, she often makes it with my little ones)


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Healthy eating advice is often boring, biased or extreme. Simple, honest, science-based strategies from our expert team of dietitians, mums and educators.


our top 10 ingredient hacks

Want to know our top tips for your health and your wallet?

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eat a traffic light everyday

Bringing it back to basics with this helpful blog about colourful eating

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food rules

I recently read Michael Pollan’s ‘Food Rules’. Michael is a journalist and penned the quote; “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”


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Team of dietitians, mums and educators with a passion for being healthy, love food and have a knack for making anything complex seem simple.

Engagement, retention and care for your team are proven HR strategies! A healthy workplace food culture and wellness program can do all this and more…

As community leaders we need to be role models for students and parents.
We can provide kindergartens and schools with simple implementations.

Experience our fun programs at some of the biggest public events in Australia.
Also at shopping centres, holiday programs and more..

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