We are a team of dietitians, mums and educators with a passion for food and being healthy. The Foost team have a knack for making anything food related seem simple.

The Foost Family

David, Kate, Elijah, Oliver, Ari and Lily

If there is one simple thing we can all do to improve our health; to help us be the best we can be, it is to Eat Colourful (more colourful fruits and veggies).  Through our unique style of products, workshops and classes that are educational, hands-on and above all, loads of fun, Foost is the answer when you need inspiration and ideas to help you and your family or community to ‘Eat Colourful’.

Foost is a family owned and run business based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Foost Team

Kate_FrameFounder, Mum, Veggie lover

Kate is a dietitian with a passion for improving the eating habits of families and communities. She created FOOST to teach easy ways of eating more fruits and vegetables. All 4 of her kids love fresh, fun food!

She believes everyone and anyone can cook and empowers people to get back in the kitchen and prepare simple, colourful dishes.  She has a keen interest in the Non-diet approach to eating. With over 10 years of nutrition and dietetic experience, Kate enjoys media work and has appeared on TV, radio and print both in Australia and Overseas.

Favourite veggie: Cauliflower
Favourite treat: Rocky Road

David_FrameCEO, Strategic Planning and product development

David is an entrepreneur and children’s education specialist.  With 20 years of experience in children’s education, David advises on educational services. David assists with products from start to finish. Making sure products not only fit the brand but ensures all products are produced to a high standard.

Favourite veggie: Red capsicum
Favourite treat: Maltesers


 Operations Manager  

Organising an event with Foost? Jess is the one who will make sure everything runs to plan (and do it with a smile on her face), plus you might even be lucky enough to have her deliver your program. With a Masters in Nutrition, she is very qualified for this role.

Favourite veggie: Pumpkin
Favourite treat: Anything Chocolate

 Lead Dietitian and Recipe Design

Apart from being a busy, energetic and besotted mum to two gorgeous kids, Irene is an experienced dietitian and family nutrition expert. She has worked for over 7 years in nutrition research, community health and private practice. Irene facilitates cooking demonstrations, nutrition education to parents, incursions to school and kinder children, workplace wellness sessions and kids cooking classes at festivals.

Favourite veggie: Eggplant
Favourite treat: Salted Caramel Ice-Cream

Dani_FrameHead Colourful Chef – Vic

Currently studing her masters of Health Promotion, Dani has a passion for running events for kids. You’ll often see her dressed as the Colourful Chef or behind the scenes making sure every event runs smoothly.

Favourite veggie: Zucchini
Favourite treat: Brie cheese and crackers

Kristen_FrameBusiness Development Nutrition and Health Promotion Events

Kirsten is a passionate about creating healthy habits in kids. Kirsten is increasing our reach of kids cooking classes at events and festivals and shopping centres. Creating fun, entertaining and educational experiences for families.

Favourite veggie: Spinach
Favourite treat: Nice glass of red


 Marketing Assistant and Head Colourful Chef – Qld 

Our newest recruit, Nina is a dietitian and personal trainer. You’ll sometimes hear her on the phone, always with a smile in her voice, or on site running both kids’ and adults’ events.

Favourite veggie: Spinach
Favourite treat: Kettle’s chips

Team_Frame The ones in the orange hats

We couldn’t do what we do, without our fantastic team of event staff. This is filled with passionate, permanent casual staff and committed volunteers. For opportunities to join our ever growing team of casuals and volunteers please email admin@foost.com.au