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Recently I have been thinking about family traditions, slowing down in this mad rushing world and mindful eating. And it has made me think of a tradition I would like to commence with my family this year. A tradition to support family mealtimes, mindful eating and a moment of peace in busy lives.

Before our evening meal, I would like us to start taking a moment to be grateful. A moment not just to be thankful for a meal (often lovingly prepared by a family member) but to also be grateful for the people sharing the dinner table with us.

Taking a moment and a breath before a meal also helps us to slow down whilst eating, meaning we will be more aware of the food we are about to eat and enjoy it more. Being more aware also lets us listen to our own bodies hunger and fullness.

Top tips to express gratitude before a meal:

  • sit at the table as a family (it doesn’t have to be all members of the family but at least one adult with the kids
  • limit distractions (by turning off the tv)
  • ask everyone to take a breath before eating
  • remember the ‘don’t be rude to food’ rule 
  • try asking some thankful questions (ideas below)

Five thankful questions and discussion points to ask your family at the table:

  1. Name someone at the table who has done something nice for you this week?
  2. What is something that happened today that made you feel happy?
  3. Turn to the person on your left and pay him or her a compliment.
  4. What is your favourite song with a happy message?
  5. Everyone, show me a happy face.Is this something you do at home. How do you and your family show thanks?


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