how to get your kids to eat their greens

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How to get your kids to eat their greens? Simple. Follow this NO FAIL guaranteed guide to healthy eating.

Follow these steps with your child:

  1. Plant broccoli in the garden
  2. Watch it grow
  3. Go to the fruit shop
  4. Buy broccoli
  5. Smell it. Does it have a smell?
  6. Feel it. Is it hard? Would it be crunchy to eat?
  7. What sound might it make when you eat it?
  8. Look at broccoli. What colour is it?
  9. Draw a picture of broccoli
  10. Pretend to make broccoli soup
  11. Ask child to wash broccoli
  12. Cut broccoli (with kids knife)
  13. Lightly Steam broccoli
  14. Serve with a sauce (cheese, tzatziki, peanut butter)
  15. Serve with carrots
  16. Put broccoli in the middle of the table
  17. Serve yourself some broccoli
  18. Sit at the table and eat broccoli with you child
  19. Comment how crunchy broccoli is
  20. DO NOT comment or worry if you child does or does not eat broccoli.
  21. Next day. Stir fry broccoli in a sweet soy sauce. Serve with chicken, rice and other accepted vegetables in the middle of table
  22. Sit at the table with your child and serve yourself some broccoli
  23. Comment how sweet the broccoli is today
  24. Give tongs to child to let them serve themselves.
  25. DO NOT comment or worry if child does not eat broccoli
  26. 4 days later make broccoli fritters
  27. Put in middle of table
  28. Serve yourself broccoli
  29. Eat broccoli
  30. Let child choose or not choose broccoli
  31. Go to store to buy more broccoli
  32. Repeat
  33. Repeat again and again, don’t bother counting how many times
  34. Smile
  35. Eventually they will try broccoli. And in the meantime you’ve eaten lots of delicious broccoli
  36. Repeat from Step 1 but replace broccoli with a different green veg (or any fruit or veg)

note: if you too are still learning to like broccoli, then tell your children, share it with your children and go on the journey together.


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