parent education

Interactive sessions are run at your school or kinder for your parents. All sessions include tips, easy recipes and food tastings. These 60-90 minute workshops will inspire and empower your parents to create healthier homes and lunchboxes. Sessions discuss eating behaviors and combating fussy eating.

Most popular sessions:

  •  Raising adventurous and colourful eaters
    (Fuss free family eating for kids, young and old)
  • Family mealtimes and quick dinners tricks
  • Meal planning and recipe modifications
  • Lunchbox session (download flyer: Lunchbox Workshop 2016)

Comments from parents after sessions: 

“Thank you so much Kate for your wonderful presentation.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it!!”

“I tried with my daughter on the weekend a Bread Sushi and it was amazing, she just love it. She did the Bread sushi and we had fun together…. sorry about my english. We used on Bread sushi, tomato, smoked salmon, hummus, lettuce and tomato. I put in her lunch box to kinder last friday and it was a success she ate all. I’m always having problems with her at kinder, she never eats her lunch… today afternoon we’ll try the wraps.
Thank you so much…. I love the recipes, I wish to have more ideas. Thanks again.”

“The session was fantastic and you were very inspiring!!”