A la carte: Mindset mini series


Creating calmer family mealtimes, reducing your food stress and helping your children learn to love healthy foods, starts at one place…your mindset.

And all it takes is 4 minutes per week!

For parents and carers of children aged 2-12 years. 


  • Lifelong access to the mindset mini series
  • 9 video episodes, each about 4 minutes long (with subtitles).
  • Downloadable activities
  • Strength based approach to create sustainable and long term change
  • Lifelong access to the Positive Food Education’s private Facebook group for support and questions
  • Monthly live Q&A’s with Foost founder Kate Wengier, on Facebook

Complete at your own pace. Watch one or a couple per week or binge the series.

“This is really interesting. I even used the ABCD activity for potty training”

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