Online cooking

Gift certificates, intergenerational cooking and children’s birthday parties

Looking for a present for a loved one? Got a child with a birthday party coming up? Or just want to connect with friends and family in Vic?

Well online cooking is the answer….becuase food is connection.

Cook live and online with friends and family, led by a friendly Foost team member!

We offer birthday parties, kid’s cooking classes with friends. intergenerational cooking (grandparents and grandchildren) or online dinner party for adults.

All classes are 45-60 minutes with a choice of menu. We send you the ingredients list in advance.

From 2 – 12 people.

After you purchace this, we will be in touch with the certificate (if a gift) or to arrange time and menu.

Foost has cooked with over 35,000 children. The zoom meeting is closed, so only participants recieve the link and password making it a safe environment.

Option 1: Children’s birthday parties

Each child will cook either a mug cake (younger children) OR a pizza (older children) from their own home. We all cook together, at the same time! Children will also make a joint digital birthday card, sing happy birthday (over their cooked mud cake or pizza) and play interactive games.

Option 2: Children’s class with friends

Get a group of friends or cousins together and let’s cook! Menu options:

  • Sweet and savoury scrolls (pizza scrolls and apple scrolls)
  • Sausage rolls
  • Yoghurt dough pretzels and chia jam
  • Donut muffins and banana bliss balls

Option 3: Intergenerational cooking

A perfect way to connect grandchildren and grandparents. Menu options (or any of the above):

  • Pizza and apple pie
  • Tempura fish and colourful chips
  • Cheeseburger meatballs
  • Banana bread muffin and homemade muesli

Option 4: Adult cooking dinner party

A perfect way to connect with friends. Menu options:

  • Ricotta sausage rolls and choc banana bread
  • Mexican feast with home made tortillas
  • Cheese scones and soup
  • Carbonara with fruit crumble



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